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If you are not a native Swedish speaker, congratulations for spelling my ridiculously difficult surname right and ending up on my website!

I am a Swedish illustrator and writer of children’s books. I often get asked how I ended up with this sweet deal, and it is a combination of two things: loving books and having the mind of a five year-old.

My first book was published in 2007, and I have been scaring children ever since. Not only with my poor drawing skills – I tend to make stories about trolls, ghosts and witches, and I am often assigned to illustrate the same.

I graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College in 2011, and before that I went to the amazing Comic art school in Malmö. A few of my clients are listed below. Oh, and I also do workshops in drawing and storytelling, drop me a line if you want to know more!

Thank you for reading,


(*Hej is an old Viking word that means Hello!)

2015-10-16 14.03.18

Book signing and workshop at Crayon House, Tokyo, 2015.