If you are not a native Swedish speaker, congratulations for spelling my ridiculously difficult surname right and ending up on my website!
I am a Swedish illustrator and writer of children’s books. I often get asked how I ended up with this sweet deal, and it is a combination of two things: loving books and being in the mental state of a five year-old.
My first book was published in 2007, so I have been scaring children for about ten years now. Not only with my poor drawing skills – I tend to make stories about trolls, ghosts and witches, and I am often assigned to illustrate the same.
I graduated from Saint Martin’s College in 2011 and have lived in London more or less ever since. However, I am not yet published in the UK, due to my crippling fear of approaching British publishing companies.
My CV is buried somewhere deep in the maze of files that is my computer, but drop me a line if you want to have a look and I promise to find it for you. I have also listed a few of my clients below.

(*Hej is an old Viking word that means Hello!)

2015-10-16 14.03.18
Book signing and workshop at Crayon House, Tokyo, 2015.